Santé Moments Sanitary Napkin with FAR Infrared (10 pads)

USD$ 5.10

Santé Moments Sanitary Napkin with FAR Infrared (10 pads)

USD$ 5.10

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10 pads each pack

Only a woman can understand our need to have day off when we have our menstruation. Sad truth is that we can’t make it as an excuse for us not to go work or don’t do anything for a day. Lucky there’s a napkin that help us to have extra energy while giving us comfort and the bonus benefits for our reproductive and overall health.

  • Negative Ion helps prevent respiratory related illnesses
  • Counteract the effects of smoking
  • Natural anti-depressants
  • For positive attitude
  • Helps us sleep better


OTHER BENEFITS: Prevents and Control the following:

  • Heat and wetness
  • Bacterial growth
  • Odor and itching
  • Infection such as UTI
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